Oct 20, 2020 | blog, IoT, iiot

Unique and Profitable Opportunity - For New Partners
 The Time is Now for VARS and SIs to Grow Their Revenue

Growing top-line revenue and generating recurring income streams has been difficult in 2020. The pandemic has resulted in massive layoffs, and most experts are predicting that because of the investments in automation for the past 10 years, accelerating even in the face of the pandemic, those jobs may not be coming back – or at the very least they will change.

Companies are slow to re-hire, but they are re-doubling their efforts to automate, to use robots, to use remote monitoring to cut expenses. “One pane of glass” can display hundreds of key performance indicators and metrics, reducing the need for on-site inspection and manual “on paper” logging of machine status and health. Predictive and Preventive Maintenance has proven to be able to save millions of dollars of unnecessary downtime, maintenance, and repair/replace cycles even as it has also improved productivity and reduced waste, the traditional Lean Six Sigma mantra.

We as a planet are going to come out of this pandemic sooner rather than later. Our “year of living hell” is nearly over, and due to the efforts of scientists and doctors, a vaccine is surely on the way as well as palliative and curative therapies. Billions of dollars are being invested in Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Factories, Smart Transportation, and many other so-called “Smart” digital transformations. When job boards are showing titles such as “Director of Digital Transformation” and doing so unironically, you know there is something to this movement to improve efficiencies, cut waste, and even expand profits. When recruiters are looking specifically for people with “IoT” and “IIoT” experience, you know its time to jump in. NOW is the time to MOVE to secure your foothold in the future, a future that in fact really is already here: Industrial IoT remote monitoring and extensive automation.

But how?

Our suggestion at Corvalent is to look at your core skill sets: problem analysis, IT solution mapping, installation, service, value-added software and services such as training. Come talk to us about how you can apply those hard-won talents to a field that is wide open: Industrial IoT. No company has yet dominated this relatively new but clearly growing field. There’s so much “greenfield” available with new solutions that we are sure we can help you get more than your share in this fast-growing field.

Find a partner company that contributes now to your future roadmap of latest technology and strong revenue creation: Corvalent.

It could be you. It should be you. If not you, who else is going to make that fortune?

Corvalent Corporation is putting together a new VAR and SI program for channel partners who prefer to work with a company that has over 27 years of experience in industrial computing (we do), has a unique Industrial IoT Platform Solution, innovative enterprise software (SaaS) that can be customized for each of your customers quickly (we do), understands real-time, embedded, PC, server, and Cloud computing (we do), and most importantly can provide you with not only leads, but the training and guidance you need to succeed in one of the highest growth fields in the world: IoT and IIoT.

Our model is to sell to OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) and VARS/SIs only. In putting together our program, we look to create new markets for our partners. We’ll provide some or most of the technology as the end-customer desires, and you provide your services. Win-Win-Win.

If you are interested in learning more and are either interested in, or are already in, the IoT and IIoT Operational Technology markets because you understand where growth is going to come from in the next 15-20 years and have IT skills, contact Corvalent and let’s have a conversation. There’s a new Sherriff in town in IIoT, and its going to be VARS and SIs that are the key – the go-to people who can get the job done.

You are cordially invited to The Future. Where sensors, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Edge computing, and Cloud computing all come together to solve real-world problems.

Be sure to stay tuned for a Webinar coming soon on our Plan to help you win business and serve customers the very best.

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Alan R. Weiss
Alan Weiss is the Industrial IoT Business Unit Manager and Head of the IIoT B.U. at Corvalent. His 30+ years in software, hardware, silicon, and systems engineering has led him to one of the most fascinating fields in computing today, the hardware/software business known as IIoT, where his 12+ years architecting, developing, deploying, and monetizing IoT has provided great insights. Contact him at


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