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NCI Clean offers a complete line of cleanroom supplies for all types of controlled environments, from Class 10 to Class 100,000. Browse our selection of cleanroom wipes, swabs, razor blades, dispensers, packaging products, cleaning supplies, and more. We offer cleanroom products that are compliant with USP 797 and USP 800 regulations.

North Central Instruments has more than 25 years of experience supplying modular cleanrooms and cleanroom products to our customers across all industries, including pharmaceutical, medical, biotech, electronics, and more. Take advantage of fixed pricing contracts, timely deliveries, and a free cleanroom consultation. Click into any of the products below to view availability. Contact an expert for more information.

High-Quality Cleanroom Supplies & Equipment from NCI Clean


Cleanroom wipes effectively pick up wet and dry contaminants from various surfaces inside controlled environments. Browse polyester wipes, poly-cellulose wipes, pre-saturated wipes, cotton wipes, nylon wipes, sponge and foam wipes, and sterile wipe-down kits.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies

We offer a wide selection of cleaning supplies to maintain the cleanliness inside your cleanroom environment. Browse adhesive and tacky rollers, brooms and brushes, buckets and wringers, disinfectants and detergents, dispensing bottles, ESD cleaning products, lotions, and sanitizers, sponges, spray bottles, squeegees, and start-up cleaning kits.

Cleanroom Swabs

Rugged cleanroom swabs and applicators are designed to stand up to solvents and hard use. Shop ESD and alcohol swabs as well as gentle swabs for delicate electronics or Optics. Lint-sensitive environments may benefit from our selection of chemical-resistant and anti-static swabs.

Cleanroom Paper & Documentation Materials

Our cleanroom documentation materials are coated with a special polymer formulation that inhibits particle generation and chemical extractables. We offer cleanroom copy paper, binders, calendars, clipboards, folders, labels, notebooks, pens, as well as post-it notes, paper rolls, and printing paper.

Cleanroom Dispensers

Dispensers provide a clean and efficient method for retrieving various cleanroom garments and other supplies. We offer automatic dispensers for shoe covers, as well as plastic and/or stainless steel dispensers for gloves, bouffant caps, facemasks, booties, and other articles. Cleanroom dispensers can also provide easy access to wipes and other disposable supplies.

Cleanroom Mats

We offer a variety of floor mats designed especially for cleanroom environments. Our selection of anti-fatigue mats and sticky mats includes washable, peel-off, and permanent formats with an option for numbered tabs. Mats come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be customized with your company logo or other messaging.

Cleanroom Packaging Products

Browse our selection of cleanroom bags, tape, heat sealers, and tubing. Cleanroom bags and tape come in a wide range of materials to offer protection against moisture, ESD, and other contaminants. Custom sizing is available. Our line of heat sealers includes options with a timer and/or vacuum capabilities.

Cleanroom Razor Blades

Reduce the risk of injury, minimize waste, and streamline cutting operations with our selection of GEM® razor blades and razor blade dispensers. GEM®2 and GEM®3 single-edge blades work with the GEM Runner™ pop-up dispenser and are available in cleanroom-ready packaging. We also provide razor blade disposal containers.


Proper safety supplies are critical for any cleanroom environment. Our selection includes chemical storage cabinets, leak-proof dispensing bottles, Laser Lite earplugs, eye protection supplies, N95 particulate respirators, as well as a range of products designed to maintain safety protocols in the event of a spill.

Cleanroom Spray Guns

Nitrogen and DI Water PTFE spray guns deliver optimum anti-corrosion protection and provide class 100 or better clean air environments. Manufactured from a combination of PTFE and poly, these N2 spray guns resist acid fume attacks and eliminate costly nitrogen leaks around the depress button. Sold individually or as assemblies with a coiled hose.

Isopropyl Alcohols

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is used to decontaminate various items, such as gloves, surfaces, carts, counter tops, and process lines. Isopropanol is available in sterile or non-sterile formulas and in either gallon bottles, spray bottles, aerosol cans, or in bulk quantities.


Browse miscellaneous cleanroom products, including ESD static control supplies, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultraviolet cleaning equipment, and wet process stations and accessories.

Your Trusted Source for Standard & Customizable Cleanroom Supplies

NCI Clean works with hundreds of the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality cleanroom equipment and supplies. Click into any of the categories above to view options and add to your cart. We offer fixed pricing contracts, EDI order service, and quick, economical deliveries for our customers throughout the country. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free cleanroom consultation. Request a quote today. Browse other cleanroom installations and equipment, including air showers, isolation pods, cleanbenches, desiccators, and more.

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