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“The engineering on my end was extremely simplified by their responsiveness and professionalism.”

Steve Weidman
Baker Hughes

“I highly recommend Corvalent from the fact that they’ve got extremely good equipment, extremely good support, and they’re very reliable and consistent in their work ethics. I wouldn’t recommend anybody but Corvalent.”

Scott Leidolf

“For our discriminating customers who are saddled by high agency approval fees or foresee a lengthy production run, Norteq naturally recommends Corvalent due to their outstanding long production run record over the last decade.

Furthermore, Corvalent can readily modify the AMI BIOS to suit our customers’ specific requirements, embed additional security features and last but not least add private labeling if so required by our OEM customers. We wish them well in their expansion.”


Jean Claude Brais
Norteq Industrionix, Inc.


“Corvalent systems have been a go to for us, when we want a system that will run and not need constant maintenance. Some of our systems have been going over 10 years without issue.”

Systems Engineer
Raytheon Technologies