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NCI Clean provides modular cleanrooms along with a wide variety of cleanroom components to create class 100,000 (ISO 8) to class 10 (ISO 4) controlled environments. Whether shopping for modular cleanroom constructions or specific design components like HEPA filters, flooring, curtains, or pass-throughs, we can provide you with the high-quality products you need to improve the quality and efficiency of your cleanrooms.

With over 20 years of experience, NCI Clean is an expert in cleanroom solutions. We can help you design a cleanroom that conforms to the necessary requirements of your industry. With cost-effective pricing, timely shipping, and an extensive selection of products, NCI Clean is your one-stop-shop for all your cleanroom needs. Click on any of the products below to browse availability. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.  

ISO 8 & ISO 4 Cleanrooms & Cleanroom Components

Modular Cleanrooms for Vertical or Horizontal Flow

NCI Clean offers a complete selection of portable and modular cleanrooms in both hardwall and softwall constructions. Available from class 10 (ISO 4) to class 100,000 (ISO 8) for vertical or horizontal flow. Cleanrooms are easily installed and offer the flexibility to expand or relocate.

Cleanroom Ceiling Components

We offer a wide selection of ceiling grids, ceiling tiles, and lights to customize your cleanrooms for optimal convenience. Available in a variety of styles. All products conform to the latest industry and government standards.

HEPA & ULPA Filter

NCI Clean provides high-performance HEPA & ULPA air filters to keep your cleanroom free from dust and other contaminants. Available in aluminum, stainless steel, or wood frames. Cleanrooms filters are offered in 30%, 40%, or 60% ASHRAE efficiency levels and include options for 2” or 4” depths.

Cleanroom Flooring

Our seamless, waxless flooring is the ideal solution for providing optimal contamination and static control in your cleanroom. Available in either tile or sheet form with static dissipative or conductive levels of resistance. Rated to class 10,000 or cleaner. Choose from contamination control flooring, static control flooring, & vinyl flooring.


Our cleanroom wall and floor paint is a water-based acrylic epoxy perfect for applications that require a durable, stain-resistant finish. Cleanroom paint can be used in cleanrooms, hospitals, and other controlled environments. Available in a range of colors with options for low VOC. Approved for Class 100 (ISO 5) disk drive cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Pass Throughs

Pass-throughs provide a convenient way to transfer items to and from the cleanroom, saving time and eliminating unnecessary traffic. Our pass-throughs are constructed of white polypropylene or stainless steel and are available in either wall-mounted or free-standing floor-mounted styles. Can be customized with sliding doors, filters, & more.


NCI Clean offers curtain panels and strip doors to improve and/or maintain the temperature and pressure inside cleanrooms. Curtains and strip doors are made from virgin vinyl and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Easily installed with mounting clips or other mounting hardware. Sound blocking options are available.


Cleanroom instruments offer an easy solution for measuring things like air velocity, particles, pressure, temperature, static, and UV. We offer a variety of instrumentation, including Magnehelic pressure gauges, air-borne particle counters, hot wire, and rotating vane anemometers, bioburden air samplers, static meters, and more.

Other Cleanroom Components

NCI Clean provides a number of miscellaneous cleanroom components for improving the efficiency and control of your cleanroom environment. Browse talk through windows, wall chases, mirrors, and more.

Leading Supplier of High-Quality Cleanrooms & Design Components

NCI Clean provides an extensive selection of ISO cleanrooms and cleanroom design components for our customers in any industry. We work with hundreds of manufacturers to ensure we have the products you need to improve the quality and productivity in your cleanroom environment. Click into any of the categories above to view options and add to your cart. We offer fixed pricing contracts, EDI order service, and quick, economical deliveries for our customers around the country. Contact us for more information or to set up a cleanroom consultation. Request a quote on our cleanroom components today.

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