Nov 11, 2020 | motherboards, Martin's Corner, Coffee Lake, C246

And the year is almost over!!

With the pandemic and everything else that is happening, it just seems that this year zoomed by (see what I did?) at light speed!

We are fortunate to be considered an essential business, so we stayed open and worked in the office. This allowed us extra time to look at our boards and wonder…. What if? Not that we really had any “extra” time but sometimes you have to take that additional step just because.

And the selected victim was our extremely powerful and compact C246IX. Could we improve it? Did we cover every square inch with features? How can we make it even better for all applications we are in, including IoT? If you remember from my initial post when we launched this board…what? You didn’t read that one either?!...This was code-named Coffee Lake and was the follow up to our Q170 chipset-based motherboards. Our goal then was flexibility and connectivity and it included everything from 15 year life cycle, PCI-Express slots, Bifurcation, lots of interfaces and connectivity options etc…but today there’s even more!

I’m glad to announce that we actually managed to cram even more stuff into this tiny board!

  • We added one additional internal USB2.0 header, allowing for easier integration into Panel PCs, IoT appliances and controllers, rackmounts and similar devices.

  • We added an additional full-hand-shake serial port, for our hard-core RS232 fans.

  • We added a fully featured M.2 2280 SATA/NVMe connector. This increases reliability and comes with an extra kick of performance.

  • And we didn’t have to remove any of the current features! (Take a look here when we original launched this product for a full list of features).

We just finished validation and verification and everything looks perfect! We have them in stock, and they are ready to be adopted. Contact us today!

Stay healthy! And see you soon

C246IX 3 top webc264ixfront

About Corvalent:

Texas-based Corvalent supports embedded developers and OEMs with rugged, customized, made-in-America industrial computing and GPU optimized workstation system products. Ensuring longevity by design since 1993, Corvalent offers smart, flexible hardware and software solutions for connected embedded  and mission critical applications, enabling reliable high performance computing on-premise, in the cloud, or via customized hybrid architectures. The company offers custom materials planning and advisory services; real-time engineering to address any technology or platform; modification of COTS or standards-based solutions for unique, mission critical applications; and elite, white glove technical support.  For more information, call 888-776-7896



Martin Rudloff
Martin Rudloff is Chief Technical Officer at Corvalent. With 30+ years of experience in Electronics, Martin manages Concept to Development, Production and Validation, and Product Support.


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